Jumpers for ‘fish and chips’ babies

THE Thursday afternoon knitting group, which meets in the Wool and Baby Wear Shop in the Glengate, Kirriemuir, has joined in a trend that is sweeping the country to help newborn babies in Africa.

One of the members had heard about the “fish and chips” babies, many of whom were suffering from Aids, and the appeal for jumpers.

In only six weeks the ladies have knitted some 60 jumpers which will be despatched to those in need.

Elspeth Hobson of the Wool and Baby Wear Shop explained: “The babies are being called “fish and chips” babies because many are sent home from hospital wrapped in newspaper for warmth. There was an appeal for small jumpers which will be sent to sub-Sahara countries in Africa. Our group only started knitting the jumpers six weeks ago and we now have over 60. There is a pattern to follow and we have them in different sizes. The request was for bright colours - no pastels - as the garments may never be washed. We were told that bright and mixed colours are best, or stripes. It has been amazing how many the ladies have knitted as well as the care and attention that has gone in to them.”

The “fish and chips” babies project is just one the ladies have supported.

More recently they were asked to knit an assortment of food items which featured in Forfar Musical Society’s production of “Oliver!” in the Reid Hall, and they have also knitted garments which have been sent out to the troops in Afghanistan.