Join the campaign to clean up Forfar litter

Just one area of Carseview Road which is strewn with litter. Can you help tidy it up?
Just one area of Carseview Road which is strewn with litter. Can you help tidy it up?

The Forfar Dispatch has joined forces with Angus Councillor Lynne Devine to launch a campaign to clean up our streets of litter.

Following the success of last year’s ‘Forfar in Flower’ project, which spawned a new pride in the town centre and got the local community working together to brighten up the town, it is hoped this new sense of civic pride can be replicated to rid the town of the blight of litter.

Local residents’ groups in Lordburn, the Glens and Viewmount, as well as schools, businesses and wardens and volunteers at the Lochside Country Park, have all done their bit in the past to clear up their local communities.

Now it is hoped other sites throughout the town can be targeted by a team of volunteers keen to spruce up areas needing some attention.

Councillor Devine said: “I have already identified a number of areas in Forfar where there is a litter problem but, because it is not council land but private land, the council won’t clean it up. But it’s not the council’s litter.

“There are areas of Carseview Road, Station Road, Service Road and North Street which all need a tidy up. We would need somebody to co-ordinate this. Local residents groups, schools and ASDA have all done litter picks but these have been sporadic.

“I would like Forfar Academy to become involved. The eco group at Strathmore Primary School has helped and Langlands Primary School has plans to tidy up the roundabout in Langlands Road.

“It has been proved the willing is there with ‘Forfar in Flower’. We are all trying to make Forfar more attractive for everybody.

“It would be great if we could get a team of volunteers together to co-ordinate the litter picks, maybe once a month.”

Anyone willing to take part in the project is asked to contact our office in the first instance on 464899.