Investment increased

Angus Council’s finance spokesperson, Councillor Mark Salmond, has refuted recent reports that the council has cut its roads budget.

He said: “Recently released Scottish Government statistics provide revenue expenditure information showing the total roads and transportation budgets for the financial years 2010/11 and 2011/12.

“The statistics show a marginal reduction in spend between years in Angus from £17.8m to £17.6m, which compares very favourably to the more substantial reduced spend applied by other local authorities.

“However, these statistics only show part of the funding picture as applied by Angus Council to preserve and improve our roads network.

“When capital related expenditure and use of our innovative Renewal and Repair Fund initiatives are included, the specific spend on our roads network of £13m shows that a significant increase between this year and last year of nearly £1m has been invested by the council.

“In addition a further £400k has been invested by the council on winter maintenance following two years of severe weather conditions.

He added: “Our continued investment in roads infrastructure was highlighted in the most recent Scottish Road Maintenance Condition Survey results, which showed Angus as having the fifth high road condition index in Scotland.”