Inspirational gardening speaker

Speaker Frank Youil.
Speaker Frank Youil.

Having a lovely garden doesn’t mean you have to spend lots and lots of time working on it.

A little thought about the layout or design of your garden along with planting things where they are happy to grow really cuts down on the work.

An expert in gardening the easy way is Frank Youil of the Inspirational Garden Solutions.

Frank is coming to the Plough Inn in Market Street on Monday evening at 7.30 p.m. to give a talk to the Forfar and District Garden club. It is the first meeting of the club this autumn. Visitors and new members are very welcome to go along.

Eleanor Gledhill, president of the garden club, is thrilled to have Frank as a speaker.

She said: “It is not often you find someone who really knows how to make a garden look good, and how to keep it looking good.

“Frank has a great knowledge of plants and an eye for design that can make any garden a lovely place to be. Local knowledge is really important too.

“We’ve all seen TV programmes where they plant banana trees and olives. These just die up here. Frank knows what grows well in Angus, and what will grow well in your garden too.”

If you are fed up weeding the same bit, time after time, or simply feel that the garden is a chore, then go along to find out how you can make it less work and a lot more beautiful.

The garden club was set up in 2009 by Eleanor and a group of her friends. The club has a social emphasis and is non-competitive. The club has monthly speakers during the winter and visits different gardens and events throughout the summer.

Green fingered members of the garden club have also stepped in to help with local community projects in Forfar.

They were among the volunteers who recently tackled two overgrown flower beds at the entrance to the Forfar Loch Country Park and Caravan Park in Queenswell road. Everyone will be most welcome to Monday evening’s meeting.