Innovative work of seed Eassie potato producers

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GRAEME Dey, SNP Candidate for Angus South in the forthcoming Scottish Parliament elections, and Mike Weir, MP for Angus, last week visited Castleton of Eassie-based business Agrico Limited, one of Europe’s leading seed potato producers, to discuss issues facing rural producers in Scotland.

Mr Dey and Mr Weir met with Executive Director Archie Gibson and Sales Manager Russ Kelsey to chat about the challenges facing the sector, and to see the innovative work taking place at Agrico to develop the business further.

Mr Dey said: “It was very interesting to meet with Archie and his team to see the sterling efforts they are putting in to create innovative new techniques for seed potato production, and to see what challenges face the business.

“It is clear that Agrico have an enterprising ethos and are ambitious for the future.

“We discussed many of the issues that face the sector at the moment and I am confident that with an SNP Government that has rural Scotland at its core we can ensure that our agricultural industries continue to thrive despite the present economic climate.

“The food and drink industry in Scotland is very strong indeed and has continued to expand and develop in the face of a slashed budget from Westminster.

“We know that in Angus we have some of the best natural produce in the land and to develop that further we need to be shouting from the roof-tops about it, as the SNP have done for the past four years.

“The SNP Government have been clear in their support for SMEs such Agrico and are leading the way in providing assistance with business and skills development.

“Agrico are leading their field because of an efficient business model which has a dedicated team of employees who are clearly passionate about what they do and about how the company goes forward.

“I am certain that with such a vision in place the business will remain one of Angus’ leading agricultural success stories.’

Mike Weir MP added : “It was a pleasure to visit Agrico once more to see how the business is developing and expanding.

“It is clear that the management are focused on developing the business further and with such an enterprise-led team in place I have no doubt they will succeed.

“Scientific advancement and developing new business techniques are key to how Agrico pushes forward the company, and they offer an excellent example of how to stay ahead of the game.

“Issues such as supermarkets offering a fair price to farmers and producers, the improvement of infrastructure, and how in Angus we create a business environment which markets our extraordinary supply of rural produce, are key to taking the industry forward.

“I will continue to fight our rural businesses corner in Westminster and ensure their voices are heard, particularly on regulating supermarkets.”