Increase in Angus job vacancies

Angus saw a rise in job vacancies of 27% from May to July 2011 when compared to the same period last year.

With the number of vacancies in the area increasing in July 2011, there are now nearly 90 more jobs on offer.

The latest quarterly labour market intelligence bulletin produced by employment and skills specialists Working Links, reports that the increase in vacancies in Angus is among the top five in Scotland.

The number of people out of work across the whole of Scotland decreased over the last three months by 3,000 to 204,000.

The sector which saw the biggest fall in vacancies was finance (down 33%) whereas, curiously, public sector jobs increased by 55%. Working Links believes this anomaly is because the worst is still to come in the public sector and thinks that the energy industry has a key part to play in reducing unemployment in Scotland.