In my view 27.09.12

I’ve ALWAYS loved and been intrigued by sayings.

No matter what the occasion, my mother always seemed to have a saying for something.

“Ne’er cast a cloot ‘till May be oot” would be her reasoning with me to wear a jacket, “be nice to people on the way up, as you’ll meet them on the way back down” was her way of ensuring I kept my feet firmly on the ground and “didn’t get about my station”, and “what’s for you will no’ go past you” was her way of assuring me that if something was meant to be, then it would happen.

As a youngster these always left me completely baffled. Journeys to Aberdeen were extremely thought-provoking from Stracathro onwards as my parents tried to explain the meaning of “Ye May Gang Far and Fare Waur”, the sign emblazoned on the road-side cafe.

But the saying which has sprung to mind most recently is “a little praise goes a long, long way”. That was more than evident at the victory parades for the Olympians and Para-Olympians in London and Glasgow, as well as in Dunblane when fans turned out to heap their praise on Andy Murray.

More locally Angus Council hosted its annual Young Achievers awards ceremony where school pupils were praised for their efforts in a variety of fields - high praise indeed which I hope will go a long way to encourage these youngsters.