In my view 21.06.12

No matter what your opinion is, and whether you are a football fan or not, you won’t have been able to escape the media circus surrounding Rangers Football Club.

Sorry, ‘The’ Rangers Football Club as it is now called following the emergence of a newco after liquidation.

I won’t go into the nitty gritty of the whole thing, I couldn’t if I wanted to because the situation changes on a minute by minute basis and I’m writing this on the Friday before we go to press. But one thing that has been blindingly obvious since the start is that Sky TV carries far too much influence on the Scottish game.

With the SFA changing the goalposts (pardon the pun) every two seconds the main contender everyone is tip-toeing around is Sky.

How sad.

How on earth was the Scottish game allowed to get to the stage where the whole thing could collapse because there will be no Old Firm coverage on TV?

I hope Rangers do drop down to the Third Division, and I’m saying that as a Rangers fan. It’s the fairest outcome that I can see. None of this going into the First Division to come straight back up and keep Sky sweet, what utter nonsense.

One thing that could help EVERY team in Scotland, however, is fans getting up off their backsides and going to the game itself on a Saturday afternoon instead of lining the pockets of those who couldn’t care less about the game in this country.