In my view: 17.05.12

THERE’S nothing more irksome in politics than a candidate defecting from one party to another - after being elected!

It’s happened on countless occasions in the past - both at parliamentary and local government level.

But surely it can’t be right to just up sticks and cross the floor of the house without as much as a by your leave?

That’s doing the electorate who got you there in the first place a major dis-service.

If you are elected as a candidate for a specific party then surely if, at some point or other, you become disillusioned, then the right course of action has to be to resign the position, force a by-election and face the electorate in your new colours. It simply can’t be right to continue as an MP, MSP or local councillor, representing a party different from the one that got you there.

If that’s the case, we can all stand for the SNP, Tories, Labour, Lib-Dem or the Monster Raving Loonie Party, get our tickets to Westminster, Holyrood or wherever and then say, hey-ho, I fancy going Green today!

Only the other week, we had someone being elected to Highland Council as a Lib-Dem in the Wester Ross, Strathpeffer and Lochalsh ward, only to decide she was unhappy with the coalition at Westminster, opting to continue serving her ward members as an Independent. When did she make that decision? Days after being elected. I would be pretty hacked off if that happened here in Angus.