In my view

Sorry, Forfar, this week this might sound a bit like a love letter to Kirriemuir.

I’ve just finished writing the front page of this week’s Kirriemuir Herald, a story about this year’s Bon Fest being close to selling out yet again.

How brilliant is that? The festival, which began in 2006, has now grown to attract AC/DC fans from around the UK and the rest of the world. The saying that begins ‘From tiny acorns’ springs to mind.

And that’s not the only thing going on.

DD8 Music are still hard at work trying to bring a statue of Bon Scott to the town, surely something else that will encourage droves of AC/DC fans to visit the town.

I’m sure they will leave saying the same thing many others do - what a great town Kirriemuir is.

And they’re right, Kirriemuir is fantastic. It’s a town that still feels like a proper community, mostly everyone still pulls together and most of all, it’s a town that gets things done.

In a few other places there seems to be a lot of talk but very little doing. Kirrie isn’t like that. Just look at the things that have gone on over the past few years - the Relay for Life, the aforementioned Bon Fest, the Kirrie Festival, even some big events for the Olympics last year...I could go on.

For such a small town, Kirriemuir has always been able to just get things done. I think a few places could learn from their example.