In my view

I’LL TWEET this and then I’ll Instagram that.

Go back just 10 years and you would just get a confused look if you fired that sentence at anyone and they would think you were speaking in a riddle.

Isn’t it funny how names of social networking sites are becoming part of our everyday vocabulary?

I love nothing more than my Instagram and Twitter accounts, I think it is great being able to take out my iPhone, select the app and see the latest news headlines both local and worldwide.

I enjoy sharing my bizarre collection of photos to the world on Instagram and my thoughts and daily happenings on Twitter.

You can be assured that I am not one of those people that Tweets every five minutes; I’m eating, I’m walking, I’m cold, I’m warm, I’m thirsty etc.

I mentioned to my dad the other day that I was going to Instagram a photo of Kevin the cat, to which he said: “What’s an Instagram?”

Bless! He’s only just got to grips with what a ‘Youtube’ is, which I must add, has been referred to as a ‘Facetube’ multiple times.

This year I have told myself that I am going to go without using Twitter or Instagram for a month and see if I survive the social drought.

I am yet to set a date for starting this challenge but when I do I shall let you know and update you on my progress...just not via Twitter!