In my view

ONCE in a blue moon you meet someone very special and you just know they are going to make a difference.

I met such a person last Thursday - eight year old Sophie-Ann Robson - a charming little girl.

She had become so disgusted with dogs’ mess littering her route to and from Whitehills Primary School that she wrote a letter to the Forfar Dispatch and Kirriemuir Herald asking “is there anything we can do?” Well, fingers crossed, it appears there is.

Sophie-Ann was invited along to speak to Forfar Community Council on Thursday evening and her visit was described as a “breath of fresh air”. She spoke politely and clearly in a manner which belied her young years - and already she has galvanised the community council in to action.

They have backed her idea of getting children to design posters to be erected near schools, highlighting the problems associated with dogs’ mess. It is hoped these can also be put up throughout the town and there will be a prize for the best design. Something positive indeed.

Here’s hoping Sophie-Ann succeeds where all others have failed.

For too long irresponsible dog owners who refuse to pick up are giving responsible owners a bad name.

Hopefully the posters will get the message through and will become a talking point for all the right reasons.