In my view

THERE seems to have been a rise, in the past few years or so, of pointless negativity.

Let me explain.

Say you don’t like something. Someone else does. Would you a) let it fly, everyone is different after all, b) have an interesting debate face to face and learn something in the process or c) take to the social networks of the world and spew out some vitriol before looking for the next victim of your wrath?

Going by some of my experiences recently it seems an overwhelming majority go for C. And there’s never very much thought put behind the sentiment either, add some expletives and you’ve got pointless negativity.

Look through any Twitter feed on any given day, especially during some kind of event and you’ll see half-baked philosophies and “witticisms” from the can’t-be-bothered-with-anything masses.

Take the ‘Space Jump’ for example. For every one person enjoying the moment, the togetherness of thousands of people worldwide watching Felix Baumgartner undertake a challenge millions would not, there was another engaging in pointless negativity.

Sure, you might not be interested, but just because other people are then your dismissive comments don’t make you superior.

It’s just negativity for the sake of it, and that can never be healthy, surely?