In my view

I THINK I’ve found it! The solution to the constant, never-ending, soul-destroying, most commented upon problem that is blighting the area - dogs’ dirt.

After writing about numerous Police campaigns over the years - most recently Operation Dry-Up for under-age drinkers and Operation After Dark for home security during winter months launched only last week in Lunanhead - how about Operation Pick Up, or Operation Pooper Scooper, or Operation Get Responsible or if that’s too harsh, Operation Please Pick Up after Your Dog? Call it what you like - I think you get my drift.

This week we again highlight the problem identified in Kirriemuir - with the beautiful new playpark on the hill now being blighted by dogs’ mess.

If we can have a Police campaign which focuses on one subject, as is the case with under-age drinkers, or a road safety campaign which cracks down on those who use mobile ‘phones whilst driving and those who fail to wear a seatbelt, then could we not have just one day when police resources target the irresponsible dog owners who give responsible dog owners a bad name and whose actions are making the lives of so many people miserable?

We are all creatures of habit, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out where people walk their dogs on a daily basis - just follow the trail left behind them. Easy pickings I would say.