In my view

The thought of having a visitor come to stay in my home has started to bring me an unsettling feeling of dread.

It’s even worse if they turn up unannounced.

I always remember the saying “Visitors are like fish, they go off after three days” and I must admit, this is exactly how I feel!

Call me over the top but I can think of much better things to do than tip-toeing around my own bedroom, being extra quiet in the shower and keeping my television on such a level I end up lip reading, all because I don’t know what the other person’s habits and morning rituals are.

I think it is the uncertainty I find the worst.

The fear of opening the front door and finding mess.

Maybe I am just a clean freak or maybe it is because I just enjoy my own personal space a little too much?

I’ve had someone stay the past four days and it’s felt a bit crowded.

I’ve been doing silly things such as putting the milk in the mug cupboard, excessively cleaning the floor and I even shut my cat, Kevin, in with my shoes and towels for a little while.

I tried to put up with someone invading my space for the first couple of days but it was on day two I realised exactly how untidy my visitor is. Abandoned socks and lone shoes scatter my hallway along with cables that lead to nothing and cotton buds. Somebody help me!