In my view

IT seems that if there is one thing absolutely and one hundred per cent guaranteed to get people riled these days it is wind farms.

My personal view point? I’m fine with them, I’m not offended by them, I see the point of them completely. I’m certainly not of the “not in my back garden” squad. I wouldn’t care less if they built one of the 100-odd footers right at the back of my flat. Go ahead.

But maybe I’m in the minority.

I don’t mind seeing the endless numbers of windfarms that are spread over the countryside. In fact, I find them fascinating.

In a way they look almost majestic - either that or something out of War of the Worlds, I think it depends on the weather.

Many windfarm objections seem to be along the lines of people being worried that they will change the landscape.

Well, yes, of course they will. But how does that have to be a negative?

Times are changing and so are the technologies. You don’t get the same consternation over electricity pylons do you? And why? Because people think of them as a necessity.

The way things are going windfarms will also soon be a necessity and if we want to maintain the planet for as long as we can I’m afraid compromises will have to be made.

I’ll take longevity over aesthetics any day.