In my view

I’m not one to be bothered about many things but the unhelpful helpfulness of banks is starting to grate on my nerves.

When I say ‘unhelpful helpfulness’ I mean the things they do to make our lives easier but in actual fact make them an awful lot harder.

A case in point for me is the ‘Fraud Squad’. At least five times this year (and it’s only March) I have had my debit or credit cards declined at a cash point or till because the bank thinks someone has stolen my identity.

Now, this would be fine if it happened occasionally but it’s happening with alarming regularity - and it’s not like I’m doing anything particularly unusual. They seem to take the most exception to me buying music through iTunes or going to the Post Office, so we’re not talking hundreds of pounds.

The most recent occurrence was last weekend when the ‘Fraud Squad’ couldn’t seem to understand how I could buy something in Montrose on the Friday evening and then try to use my card again in Carlisle by early Saturday afternoon. It’s almost like they don’t expect me to leave Forfar at all, ever.

All this said, I do understand why they do it and if I ever am a victim of fraud or identity theft I will take back every word of complaint I’ve mentioned here. But I just wish they would at least think about it before blocking my card. I thought I was the only one having as many problems as this but, on asking around, I’ve found that I am not. Call me cynical but perhaps it has something to do with the premium rate phone numbers that you have to call to get the bank to unblock it again...that’s just in my view though of course.