In my view 06.09.12

I loved the​ 2012 London Olympics.

I couldn’t believe it when the Olympic flame quite literally passed our office doorstep. The crowds in Forfar that day were phenomenal, the school children who took part in the world record breaking relay in the Myre were a credit to their parents and their schools, and the actual Olympic Games, from start to finish, had me gripped (apart from Sir Paul McCartney’s dodgy performance and dodgy hairdo at the opening ceremony!)

But the 2012 Paralympics have taken sport to an entirely different dimension.

Although the television coverage is slightly frustrating as the broadcasting has switched from the BBC to Channel 4 - so crucial time is wasted on advertising (try watching the fourth quarter of a basketball match - four minutes to go - three minutes of adverts and there are only two points between the teams!) - the anticipation before the events is incredible. The moving stories of the athletes, either as part of the television coverage or in the newspapers, have blown me away. They don’t want to be known as heroes, they don’t want to be called inspirational - yet that is what they are.

The achievements of victims of bombing atrocities or those born with physical disabilities have put me to shame. Every one of those competitors deserves a medal.