Housing policy explained to community councillors

Iain Gaul.
Iain Gaul.

Angus councillor Iain Gaul outlined the local authority’s position on housing tenants at last month’s meeting of Kirriemuir Community Council.

He was speaking after a number of concerns were raised about antisocial behaviour in some areas of the town, as well as the town centre.

Members expressed their frustration over the behaviour of some residents and the impact this had on once quiet areas, as well as the impression their presence in the town centre gives to visitors.

Mr Gaul said Angus Council, like any other in Scotland, has to adhere to strict guidelines with a “points system” being adopted for those seeking housing.

Chairman Dave Milne raised the situation of people with “dependencies” moving up the housing list, or “jumping the queue.”

The meeting heard that, in such cases, background is not considered.

Mr Gaul explained that this is a National Policy and legislation dictates these rules. An audit exists to ensure every council adheres to these rules. Any requested change would have to go to the European Court of Human Rights. He added that Angus Council can do nothing and cannot discriminate against any individual.

Mr Gaul also confirmed that if a person is convicted of a drugs offence and is a council property tenant, then that person will be evicted and will never get another council property. However, if a person is released from a prison then they are entitled to a house, council or otherwise.