Help for the elderly

Angus Care and Repair is launching a new energy conservation service to give advice and assistance to Angus residents who are over 60 years of age or disabled. 

The funding for this service was received from the Climate Challenge Fund to offer a home based service to help reduce energy consumption and save money. This will be an extension to the already successful energy tariff check which is carried out to make sure people are accessing the best energy rate for their situation. Officers have been trained to give clients advice on ways to reduce their energy usage and to look at alternative solutions in order to reduce the impact on the environment as well as your pocket. Advice will include a property survey initially to look at insulation measures, draught proofing, heating systems and energy usage.

Care and Repair are working together with the Energy Savings Trust and SCARF to assist clients to access the Scottish Government Energy Assistance Package which provides financial help to insulate properties and replace inefficient heating systems.

Officers are also available for talks about energy conservation to groups of interested parties with a minimum of 10 people.

In addition to this service and to complement the current insulation programmes being carried out throughout Angus, Care and Repair is also offering an attic clearing service to allow loft insulation works to be progressed. This again is only available to Angus residents who are over 60 years of age or disabled. Additional assistance will be offered to help with fitting thermally lined curtains, fitting energy saving light bulbs and draught proofing.

Angus Care and Repair depute manager, Scott Malcolm said: “I hope that people take advantage of these services which can enhance the quality of life and save money.”

These services can be accessed by calling the office on 01307 463232 or by e-mail on