Helen’s art classes prove to be a huge success


AN ART class held at Angus College’s Kirriemuir learning centre has helped develop the artistic skills of many aspiring artists over the years with a noted increase in the number of students going on to achieve qualifications.

From the latest run of ‘Art and Design with Helen Whamond’, several students have gone on to apply for a full time art course at the College’s Arbroath campus which they will begin in September.

Furthermore a number of attendee’s of the popular eight week class have also completed certified units.

Helen Whamond said: “It is great to see people coming along to the class and achieving units and going on to do qualifications whilst still really enjoying themselves. The class is very flexible and is of course open to everyone from those who wish to pursue art purely for leisure to those who are looking to take their skills to the next level.”

The class gives a comprehensive guide to all aspects of Art and Design and allows individuals to discover which area of art and design they wish to pursue with students going on to develop their own preferences of mediums and unique artistic styles.

The next session of the class begins in September and will run every Friday morning for eight weeks at a cost of £75.

If you wish to book a place, please call Karen Cargill on 01241 432724.