‘Hear to help’ in Forfar

ACTION on Hearing Loss Scotland, formerly RNID Scotland, is urging hearing aid users in Forfar to visit the charity’s Hear to Help project get their hearing aids looked at and save miles.

Hear to Help offers frontline maintenance and advice to hearing aid wearers in Forfar which means that local people don’t have to make the round trip to the local hospital for basic hearing aid care.

Since the project started in the town several months ago the miles saved by local people to the drop-in is the equivalent of travelling between Forfar and Monte Carlo.

Trained volunteers some of whom have hearing loss themselves, are on hand to give tips on how to maintain and adjust NHS hearing aids. Visitors are shown how to insert their hearing aids, replace tubing and batteries, as well as being provided with advice on equipment that can make life easier in the workplace and at home. This essential support will help people hear more clearly and improve their communication with friends, family and colleagues.

Drop-ins are on the last Monday of every month between 10am and 12noon at the Glenloch Centre, Station Road. The next session is July 25.

Speaking about the volunteers work in Forfar, project coordinator Suzanne Swinton said: “I think what has been achieved by our volunteers is fantastic.

“The beauty of ‘Hear to Help’ is that is available to people locally and it means that simple problems with their hearing aid can be sorted out in Forfar.

“Anyone who has questions or needs help on how to best maintain their hearing aids are very welcome to come to our Hear to Help sessions.

“I know that it can be daunting for people to talk about their hearing loss but many of our volunteers are hearing aid users themselves and can talk about not only about hearing aid maintenance but what is available for people to retain their independence and also socialise easier with family and friends.”