Water damage and leaks at Kirriemuir Health Centre

A MEMBER of the public contacted the Dispatch on Friday after attending the Kirriemuir Health Centre which is situated on Tannage Brae.

Mr Smith, who stays in the Kirriemuir area and was attending an appointment at the centre, described the state in which he found the health centre to be in as “appalling.”

While waiting for his appointment, the waiting room was full of buckets on the floor which were collecting water from a visibly cracked and leaking ceiling and also cracked walls.

The walls in the building were damp and had what appeared to be extensive water damage which had occurred over a relatively long period of time.

The health centre also had a damp smell because of the water which had leaked inside and was sitting around in walls and crevices.

He said: “It has been like this for a very long time, around about three years, and it is getting ridiculous. I would say that the Kirriemuir Health Centre is in a similar state to that of a third world country.”

He added: “People going for a doctor’s appointment are having to negotiate buckets which are on the floor in the waiting area, which is a tripping hazard, and the ceiling is cracked and full of water.”

When he went in for his appointment, the walls were also damp in the doctor’s room. He said: “The doctor was at his wit’s end with the situation.”

In regards to the state of the Health Centre, the head of site and support services for NHS Tayside Mark Scholes said: “We are aware of the ongoing issues with leaks at Kirriemuir Health Centre, which is due to the building having a large, flat roof.

“Remedial work has been carried out recently and more work is due to start next week to fix leaks caused by recent rain, frost and ice.

“We have also been in discussions with the practice to completely replace the roof and we have committed money for this to take place in 2013.”

Flat roofs are well known for causing issues with buildings because if water, frost or ice does penetrate the barrier covering a flat roof it can travel a long way before causing visible damage or leaking into a building where it can be seen.

“If the roof underneath is soaked it often sags causing a further collection or puddling of water in the area which can then venture into the building and cause damage to the walls and ceilings.