Volunteers needed for Cardiac Group

Exercise volunteer Jean Carcary helping a housebound participant, Margaret Kerr, in Margaret's Forfar home.
Exercise volunteer Jean Carcary helping a housebound participant, Margaret Kerr, in Margaret's Forfar home.

Angus Cardiac Group urgently requires volunteers from the Angus area to help people with a long term condition to access physical activity opportunities.

The group is one of the largest peer support groups in Scotland.

It works in partnership with NHS Tayside and Angus Council to provide exercise for anyone in Angus with any long-term health condition at a level suitable for them.

There are already exercise classes in place in all the main Angus burghs where participants can enjoy seated, circuit or gym-based classes, led by qualified exercise instructors.

The group is very keen to promote chair-based exercise sessions, led by volunteers in group situations and one-to-one.

There are already some volunteers who provide this service but many more are needed.

All volunteers are provided with training, a starter pack which includes a sweatshirt, T-shirt and water bottle, and ongoing support by a volunteer co-ordinator. All travelling expenses are paid.

Gordon Snedden, chairman of the group, said: “Everyone is aware of the benefits that come from regular exercise and this is particularly important for people with long-term health conditions.

“Those who exercise regularly, at whatever level that suits them, will, statistically, have a longer, healthier and happier life.

“We already have some volunteers in place who are doing a great job, but we need more.

“The volunteers can decide in which area of Angus they would like to volunteer and how often, for example weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

“There may also be a specific group that they would like to work with, such as in sheltered housing, or in a care home, or on an individual basis with someone, or perhaps someone who has a specific condition.

“The commitment could be from as little as an hour a week, but it is always the volunteer who decides how much time they are able to give.

“We believe that by encouraging people to take regular exercise we reduce the burden on the NHS and improve the health of the individuals who participate.

“To join our group of volunteers or to find out more about what volunteering would entail please contact Katy Webster on 07801 436172 or email her at katywebster2@aol.com All contact details are on the website at www.anguscardiacgroup.co.uk”