Raising awareness of COPD in Angus

Forfar Airways, the self-managed COPD Support Group, marked COPD Awareness Day last week by lobbying Catherine Stihler, MEP.

After a successful information day in Asda on Wednesday, Ian Baxter, chairman of Forfar Airways, invited the MEP to talks with members of the three COPD support groups in Angus and to ask her assistance to raise awareness of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in Scotland.

MEP Stihler, who has a particular interest in respiratory disease, has over the last few years been involved in campaigning in the European Parliament to raise awareness of the condition and have it categorised as a major disease to enable more funding to fight against the disease.

Ian said: “In Angus we have over 2,000 people diagnosed with the condition with as much and perhaps more who are unaware that they have it.

“The Angus (CHP) Community Health Partnership Respiratory Team provide a very high standard of care to respiratory patients in Angus and is perhaps amongst the best in Scotland.”

Speaking after the event Catherine Stihler said: “It was a privilege to come to Forfar and see the great work being carried out to support people with COPD.

“The support and co-operation that exists between the peer support groups and NHS Tayside is a fantastic example for others in Scotland and the EU to follow. The people of Angus who make up the local peer support groups do great work to help their fellow sufferers but want to see the same support across the country for all who are diagnosed with COPD.

“I will be speaking to colleagues to continue the fight for recognition of COPD as a major disease and to push for co-ordinated strategies at local and EU levels to tackle the disease.”