NHS Tayside meet and better targets

NHS Tayside has surpassed expectations in a number of areas according to their annual review.

In their self-assessment the health body announced they had made progress with improving their performances and meeting and exceeding targets in various initiatives that promote a healthy lifestyle.

With a healthy start to life being big on the agenda for many, NHS Tayside has exceeded their Paediatric Overweight Service Tayside (POST) targets for this year.

It was anticipated that 336 overweight or obese children would complete 75 per cent of a healthy weight programme. However, in 2011/12 a total of 407 completed the programme.

The report states: “POST has commenced a localised social marketing project to promote childhood healthy weight programmes in Forfar and Angus.

“This project has been made possible with additional funding from NHS Health Scotland and will continue until September 2013.

“POST will continue to use improvement methodology to ensure that it is delivering the most appropriate evidence based non-clinical and clinical services to overweight and obese children and their families across Tayside.”

NHS Tayside has also made great headway in tackling alcohol brief interventions. The body had a one year target of delivering 5,137 brief interventions in primary care settings over the course of three months. However, between January and March this year the actual performance over the three months was 8,733 - 3,596 more than planned.

The health body has also been successful in helping people throughout the region to quit smoking. They said: “Community pharmacies and smoking cessation teams increased the number of one month quits achieved in Tayside during 2011/12 to 2,966 compared to 1,705 during 2010/11.

“The long-term quit rate achieved by smokers using Quit4U was 43 per cent better than the Scottish average.

“Most recent data indicates that approximately 5,000 smokers have now registered with Quit4U.”

The ‘Keep Well’ initiative has also proved successful by exceeding targets. A total of 3,015 cardiovascular health checks in all three Community Health Partnerships were conducted against a target value of 2,264.

The initiative also includes working with homeless people and prison leavers throughout the Tayside area.

NHS Tayside are also looking to improve their methods of providing health care. They said: “Improvement methodology is now being applied to a range of initiatives across NHS Tayside’s Public Health Directorate.

“One example of this relates to smoking cessation co-ordinators who have worked with community pharmacies and local services providers to review current service arrangements and run a number of PDSA cycles to test service quality.

“Another example concerns improving maternal and infant nutrition and priorities for child healthy weight, each of which have an explicity service improvement plan and corresponding measurement plan.”