NHS memorial service

NHS Tayside’s Organ Donation Committee recently hosted its inaugural memorial service to pay tribute to all those who have donated organs in Tayside.

Around 130 family members and friends of loved ones who donated organs, transplant recipients, medical and nursing staff, and supporters of organ donation attended the ‘Time to Remember’ service at University of Dundee’s Chaplaincy Centre in Cross Row.

Following the service there was an Act of Remembrance with a candlelight vigil and placing of roses.

Dr Stephen Cole, who is also lead clinician for organ donation in Tayside, said, “The NHS Tayside Organ Donation Committee was unanimous when it came to deciding to organise the ‘Time to Remember’ memorial service, as a celebration of the gift of life that organ donors in Tayside have given to others over the years.

“It is easy to forget just how many people are waiting on life-saving transplants and how the selfless act of signing up to the register can help to save someone’s life once you are gone. Every person waiting on a transplant means the world to someone else.”