NHS 24 issues health advice for parents

Now the schools have re-started after the summer break, Scotland’s national telehealth and telecare organisation is reminding parents of the wealth of health advice and information available to help their families stay fit and healthy throughout the year.

NHS 24 Medical Director Professor George Crooks said: “With children returning to school what better time than for parents to think about their children’s health and preparing for the year ahead.

“NHS inform includes a section on common health questions associated with children’s health, with information on a wide variety of matters from diet and exercise to pain relief and blood types. There is also a section dedicated to answering those common questions you may have about vaccinations and you can also find out what to have in your first aid kit at home.

“It is a busy time of year for parents but I would advise them to take some time now to think about their children’s health. By taking simple steps, you can help prevent minor illnesses affecting your family.”

For further health advice and information go to www.nhsinform.co.uk

There is information about common illness, treatments and health services, covering topics from acne to yellow fever. Users can also find out about local health services and information on how to register with a GP.