Managing fatigue

A new free self management course to help people manage their tiredness and fatigue is due to start at Brechin Infirmary.

A Fatigue Management Programme is being introduced in Angus with the aim of helping people who experience excessive tiredness or exhaustion, all or most of the time, to have a better quality of life.

Fatigue is experienced by many people with long term conditions and can have a major impact on daily life. People who have fatigue have no energy and find it difficult to do simple, everyday things that are taken for granted by others. The first session of this new free programme will be held at Brechin Infirmary on Wednesday, February 1 from 2pm until 4pm. The programme will run weekly for five weeks at the hospital and will be led by staff from Angus Community Health Partnership’s occupational therapy department.

At each afternoon session occupational therapists will provide practical ideas and suggestions to help people understand more about fatigue and its effect on their lives, and help them manage their own fatigue to live as well as possible. It is an interactive programme where participants will learn from each other and share tips for coping with tiredness. The next programme is due to start in April in Forfar and further programmes will be taking place in other areas of Angus over the course of the year. For more info contact Primary Care Development Team on 01307 464889 or by emailing