Joint meeting to hear from local MSP

All of the Angus Long Term Condition Support Groups (ALTCSG) joined together for a meeting at Springfield Medical Centre recently when Angus South MSP Graeme Dey was guest speaker.

ALTCSG lead facilitator Marion Preston introduced Mr Dey, explaining that he is on various committees and cross-party groups at Holyrood which have interest to people who live with long term conditions.

He then explained how he quickly learnt that there is not enough time to become involved with too many of the committees and cross-party groups and still be an MSP who is accessible to his constituents and to work on their behalf.

Mr Dey opened the meeting to questions, the vast majority of which involved the NHS and health issues, the self directed support schemes and how those changes will impact upon people who require help within their homes.

Marion said: “The time seemed to fly, which showed how interested we were in what Graeme was talking about, he almost managed to keep political views at bay but occasionally he explained the SNP’s policy about certain topics and how that differs from the Westminster government’s policy. I think that another two hours could have passed and there would still be interest!”

The next meetings for Forfar, Arbroath and Carnoustie whose guest speaker will be David McKenzie from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service. The group welcomes anyone with any long term condition.