Family makes donation to Roxburghe House

Gill Smith (left) and mum Ellen (third right) with Roxburghe House staff.
Gill Smith (left) and mum Ellen (third right) with Roxburghe House staff.

A Letham family has donated six Dyson fans to Roxburghe House in Dundee in memory of Michelle Smith who passed away just over a month ago.

Family and friends of Michelle, who was a patient at the palliative care unit, generously donated money at her funeral to buy the high-powered fans.

They had raised enough money to purchase three fans, but when Michelle’s sister Gill contacted Dyson and told them what they were going to be used for, the company doubled the order.

Gill and her mum Ellen Smith, delivered the fans to Roxburghe House recently.

Gill said: “This is a way for our family to say thank you to the staff at Roxburghe House and give other patients some much needed comfort.

“The staff at Roxburghe went above and beyond for Michelle and our family.

“Michelle always found it difficult to cool down in her room and would have her fan on all day and all night.

“We used to all joke about how she had never turned it off from the moment she arrived there but it really did make a difference to keeping her comfortable.

“When we discovered that the hospice didn’t have enough fans for every patient, we decided straight away that that’s what we would put the money towards.

“Hopefully other patients will benefit from them in the same way Michelle did.”

Jane Andrew, clinical co-ordinator at Roxburghe House, said the fans will be used to enhance patients’ comfort while in the unit.

She said: “The staff at Roxburghe House would like to thank Michelle’s family for their generous gift of fans for the unit.

“These fans can enhance comfort and relief of symptoms for patients.

“Donations like this really make a difference.”