Families encouraged to get active over Easter

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Families are being encouraged to give children an alterative gift for Easter and avoid calorie-laden chocolate eggs.

Over Easter, most children receive enough chocolate in one weekend to last them most of the year and the Paediatric Overweight Service for Tayside (POST) is suggesting that a book or toy would be a more suitable, health-conscious option.

Dr Laura Stewart, service lead for POST, said: “Chocolate is full of energy (calories) and extra energy will turn into extra weight if you don’t exercise enough and use up that energy.

“To burn off the calories for one small Easter egg, you would need to cycle moderately for one hour. To burn off a large Easter egg and accompanying chocolate bars, you would need to swim continuously for two hours.

“We want everyone to enjoy Easter, but just be careful about the number of chocolate eggs given to young children and don’t let them eat them all at once.

“We would encourage families to get out and about over Easter for a walk or a bike ride to burn off some of the energy.”

If anyone is concerned about their child’s weight, they can contact POST directly and confidentially on 01738 473784 or on post.tayside@nhs.net.

Further information can also be found online at the www.funfittayside.org.uk website, the POST Facebook page www.facebook.com/nhstaysidePOST or on Twitter, @POSTNHST.