Could you provide vital support?

VICTIM Support Angus is looking to recruit volunteers so that they can continue their good work as they enter their 20th year.

The charity are looking for Area Committee members to promote, publicise, network and fundraise to help those affected by crime in the local area.

Alan Davie, chairman of Victim Support Angus, said: “It is a harsh reality of our times that no matter which newspaper we read or news bulletin that we listen to, that crime seems to be a regular feature. Unfortunately for some people it is more personal than that.

“Victim Support Angus celebrates its 20th Anniversary this year and during that period we have provided our free, confidential and independent service to over 30,000 people in Angus who have been affected by crime.

“We are currently supporting approximately 3,000 per annum.”

He added: “Victims each have a unique response to crime and this could include responses that be physical, emotional, psychological or financial or any combination thereof.

“It can be short term or long term but in the vast majority of cases victims and witnesses will recover to take back the balance of their lives.

“This service is delivered in the community and within the Court situation by a team of dedicated and trained staff and volunteers.

“As with everything times change and we, like many other organisations, are having to review how we continue to provide people affected by crime the best possible support.

“The Scottish Government in pursuance of “A Safer Scotland Strategy” actively encourage communities to help themselves where possible.

“To that end, Victim Support Angus is currently seeking to recruit volunteers to work as Area Committee members to promote, publicise, network and fundraise so that anyone affected by crime here in Angus can be assured of the best possible service delivery.”

If you would like to help and you think you have the relevant skills and experience and want to make a difference then contact the office at 01241 870096.

For more information visit