Great results for Kirriemuir youngsters from Karen Laird School of Dancing

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The youngsters from the Karen Laird School of Dancing recently received the results of their medal tests held in December.

The results were as follows: uni-ted master plaque; uni-ted orange badge, uni-ted green badge; uni-ted yellow badge Mia Findlay, Ruby Craib.

Uni-ted blue badge and uni-ted red badge - Robyn Shepherd, Jaimie Petrie, Beth Gourlay.

Highland Introductory 1 - Ellie Amber Craig, Robyn Shepherd, Beth Gourlay, Jaimie Petrie, Mya Duncan Walker, Sarah Phillips. Highland Introductory 2 - Kara Gall, Mya Duncan Walker, Ellie Amber Craib, Sarah Phillips.Highland Introductory 3 - Kara Gall, Mya Duncan Walker.Pre-Broze Highland - Freya Falconer, Poppy Anderson, Kara Gall, Mya Duncan Walker.Beginners Highland Fling - Freya Falconer, Katie Anna Scott, Poppy Anderson. Beginners Swords - Freya Falconer, Katie Anna Scott, Poppy Anderson.

Bronze - Freya Falconer (commended); Katie Anna Scott, Poppy Anderson, Kaitlyn Gauld (highly commended), Rachael Baillie (honours).Bronze Bar 1 - Anna Gordon, Emily Campbell (commended), Kaitlyn Gauld, Rachael Baillie (highly commended).Bronze Bar 2 - Anna Gordon, Emily Campbell (commended).Silver - Violet McKenzie, Victoria Scott (commended). Silver Bar - Violet McKenzie, Emily Campbell (commended). Gold Bar 1 - Kirsty Randalls, Nicole Henry, Arianne Barnes (honours). Gold Bar 2 - Briar Watt (honours).

Junior Award - Briar Watt (honours). Laurel Award - Robyn Laird (distinction).

Bronze Flora - Rachael Baillie (commended), Victoria Scott, Kaitlyn Gauld (highly commended). Silver Lilt - Violet McKenzie (commended).Gold Lilt - Nicole Henry, Arianne Barns, Kirsty Randalls (honours).Bronze Heilan Laddie - Briar Watt (highly commended), Robyn Laird (honours). First Gold Thistle Barracks Johnny - Briar Watt (honours), Robyn Laird (distinction).

Bronze Irish Jig - Violet McKenzie, Arianne Barnes, Briar Watt (highly commended), Nicole Henry (honours), Kirsty Randalls (distinction).Silver Bar Irish Jig - Robyn Laird (distinction). Bronze Hornpipe - Nicole Henry, Kirsty Randalls (highly commended), Briar Watt (honours). Silver Bar Hornpipe - Robyn Laird (distinction).

Grade 1 Theory - Kirsty Randalls, Briar Watt.Grade 2 Theory - Robyn Laird.

Classes take place in the Guide Hall, Kirriemuir, on Tuesday evenings. If interested please call Karen in 01575 573051.