Grants are available to suit all in Angus

ANGUS Council has reminded local community groups, clubs and organisations that there is a wealth of funding available to them.

A network has recently been launched to provide event organisers in Angus with a means of communicating with each other, sharing ideas and experiences and improving the running of their events.

The Events Organisers Network (EON) has made a one-stop approach to event organisation possible. Organisers are now eqipped with a toolkit to help with planning which in the long-run could help boost tourism within the county.

The EON came about following feedback from a number of training sessions which were held for local community groups.

It is anticipated that a website for the initiative will shortly be up and running.

Groups are also able to take advantage of the website which gives users the chance to find out details of up and coming events and search for funding.

Meanwhile there is a huge variety of different grants available.

In the ‘arts’ sector, The Michael Tippett Musical Foundation provides funding for the development of group music-making, especially for young people. Grants are awarded in the region of £500 to £4,000 on a one-off basis.

Churches throughout the county can make use of the William and Jane Morris Fund. Grants from the fund are available to conserve and protect churches, chapels and other places of worship in the UK. However, only buildings erected before 1896 are eligible. Repairs to bells or organs, alteration of decoration of buildings, electrical rewiring and the repair or installation of central heating systems are excluded.

Community groups have a whole host of grants to apply for.

The People’s Postcode Trust provide grants to prevent poverty, improve health, promote community development, advance participation in sport, promote human rights and environmental protection. Funding is available between £500 and £10,000.

The Scottish Land Fund supports rural communities with populations of under 10,000. It aims to help these communities become more resilient and sustainable through the management and ownership of land and land assests. It also provides practical support and funding. Grants of between £10,000 and £75,000 are available for up to two years although larger grants may be available in exceptional circumstances.

Community Spaces Scotland provides funding to make communcal spaces happier places to be. Funding is available up to £250,000 but it is specifically targeted to particular geographical areas. You can check the availability of your area by typing in the postcode at

The Co-operative Membership Fund provides grants of between £100 and £2,000 to help with equipment to event costs for your group.

Hilton in the Community funds projects that help disadvantaged children and young people under 25. Grants are awarded up to £30,000 a year.

The Moffat Trust helps charities involved in care, education, sport, young people and communities. One-off awards of £4,000 are available but grants of up to £6,000 can be awarded and split over three years.

In the health sector, Cash4communities makes funds available to enhance the local environment and promote community spirit and pride. The fund is always looking for new and inventive ways to help local communities. Grants can be awarded anywhere in the region of £500 to £35,000.

Schools can take advantage of grants such as Funding for Schools to Purchase Musical Equipment and the Talking Science grants scheme.

Youth groups also have a number of funding opportunities available to them. These include the Social Enterprise and Third Sector Challenge Fun, the Volant Charitable Trust and Youth in Action.

For those looking to gain new skills in fundraising, there are a number of bodies that are willing to help out.

These include Fundraising Training, SCVO in Edinburgh and Training at Dundee Voluntary Action. A number of sessions are available at both of these initiatives in the coming months.

If you want more information about any of these grants, funding ot training opportunities call the Angus Council external funding team on 01307 473221/2 or e-mail