Gold award for two hardworking scouts

TWO LOCAL scouts have been awarded the Chief Scout Gold Award.

James Lockwood and Neil Donald, both 13 year old, are from the 1st Dunnichen (Letham) Scout Group and were presented with the award by George Walker, commissioner for the Scottish Headquarters of Scouting.

To achieve the award the scouts had to help in the community by clearing rubbish from Letham village and helping the local parent and toddler group to raise funds for equipment.

James and Neil also tried their hand at kayaking, sailing and climbing as well as planning and running a visit to Edinburgh for two days using public transport.

This badge is the highest award available in the Scout Section and Scouts must complete challenges in a number of areas to complete it such as promise, community, fitness, creative, global, outdoor and two categories from outdoor plus, adventure and expedition.

The boys have also received their Zodiac Awards with Neil taking bronze and James taking silver.

To earn this award they had to spend at least one night camping for eight different months of the year with each camp posing a different challenge.

They certainly had no problem gaining their below zero degrees challenge this year!

James also spent a week camping with fellow Scouts in Sweden to get his award.