Glamis closies and wynds walk

Learn about the Glamis Gaol on the walk.
Learn about the Glamis Gaol on the walk.

Local historian David Orr is leading a Heritage Week Walk in Glamis village tomorrow (Friday).

Among the things which will be discussed will be Glamis Street names.

Strapper’s Close was known as Carter’s Close - a ‘strapper’ as one who was in charge of the horse and gig – a groom; Butcher’s Close; Nurse’s Close (the nurse lived at 22 Main Street); Quiot Green Close (was known as Quioter’s Close)

and Blackadder Square. William Blackadder was factor and civil engineer who worked in Glamis.

The linen industry occupied a very prominent position in the village. The operation of this activity was concentrated along the Glamis Burn to the south east of the village in the area now known as ‘The Mill.’

A series of weirs and water ducts were constructed along the length of the river and on the bink (or bank) of the burn.

Meet at the Cross at Glamis at 3pm - booking can be made online at