Gathering support for pool plans

IN last week’s Dispatch we brought you the news that a new swimming pool and leisure centre could soon be developed in the town.

For the most part those of you who shared your views were hoping that the project would be given the go ahead as you felt it would be a huge boost to the town.

Others felt that the project was coming not before time and that the old swimming pool is well past its sell-by date.

Not all comments were positive, however, as some felt that the development should be kept separate from the school.

Lisa Clark said: “I really hope it would be a leisure pool though and not just the same as we have. Please put fun stuff in like slides and rapids.

“The kids need to be excited to go swimming and have fun, floats are only fun for so long.”

Valerie Douglas said: “It’s about time. Hopefully they will make a decent sized parking area.

“A good sized pool and proper gym facilities in one building would be superb.”

Fiona Reid hopes that the new pool will benefit all local clubs, she said:

“If we are to get a new pool and leisure centre then I think that all coaches and instructors of both council and private clubs, should get a say on what is needed.

“I am one of the coaches of the local gymnastics club and we have to coach our kids in the main hall along with exercise classes. This can be very noisy and certainly a distraction for the kids.”

Audrey Thomson said: “I too think it’s a great idea which is long overdue for Forfar.

“Please let sense prevail for once and the council vote for it.

“If we can find money for some of the useless projects that they seem to back, surely we can fund this, just think of the future generations as well as the current one.”

Alan Proctor disagreed, he said: “Sorry, but don’t like that idea one bit. The school should be on it’s own in my opinion, with all other leisure facilities at another.”

Kathleen Fotheringham agreed, she said: “I don’t like it being at the school, it should be else where.”

Jennifer Wilton also had some reservations, she said: “As long as they make it big enough for all to use at the same time or the school will get a pool and Forfar won’t.”