Gardening club offers look at 1940s culture

Strathmore Gardening Club.
Strathmore Gardening Club.

The children of Strathmore Gardening Club recently had their new 1940s garden opened by representatives from a number of local groups.

Charlie Brown branch chairman of Forfar British Legion, Margaret Brown branch secretary, Alec Adam president of local branch of Royal British Legion Scotland and Barbara Adam, Mick McKeown and Ken Campbell all from Forfar British Legion opened the garden that the kids had been working on since September.

Strathmore Gardening Club is an after school gardening club at Strathmore Primary school in Forfar, run by volunteers Christine Farquhar, Shona Allan and Frances Taylor.

The gardening club is open to pupils from P1-P7 and runs on Tuesday afternoons.

The children took a weed-ridden corner, cleared it and transformed it into a fantastic step-back-in-time garden.

They dug trenches to enable a bamboo fence to be erected and scalloped edgings to be used to create cottage flower and fruit bush beds.

A metal archway with ivy and clematis planted on each side will form a lovely entrance as they grow over.

Matting covered the whole area to suppress the weeds and the children spread a large quantity of plum chips to make a pleasant ground cover.

The children made a small Anderson shelter building furniture out of recycled wood to furnish it and planted out tubs with Flanders red poppies and cornflowers.

A full-size airman with parachute was made and positioned in a tree, where he appeared to have landed.

Many other features included air raid shelter sign, fire bucket, women’s land army sign, poppy wreath made from willow grown in the garden and covered in commerative poppies, old wheelbarrow, hay bale, old oil can, union jack bunting, milk pitchers, wardens hat, old riddle, jelly pans, gas mask and more.