Further calls for CCTV

FORFAR business people have made a renewed plea for more CCTV coverage of Castle Street.

With the street suffering a spate of break-ins in recent months, shop owners want to see more cameras.

Some have also called for a bigger police beat presence at different times of day - not just night time - while others are calling for harsher punishments for those who are caught.

Mike Small of Small’s said: “I think cameras and more police presence is the answer.

“If they caught the people doing these crimes and made an example of them then that might go some way to help.

“I think it’s a sign of the times.”

Mr Small added that he knew shopkeepers had their own part to play and said that all on Castle Street had ramped up their security after the break-ins.

Dennis Fenton of Toy Castle agreed that harsher punishments could be a deterrent. He added: “I do have a lot of sympathy for the police. They do the best they can with the manpower they have.

“It’s very difficult.”

Mrs Lawrie, a shop assistant at Mervat’s, suggested police presence at different times of day might go some way to helping the situation. She said: “You don’t see beat bobbies the way you used to. I think it would be beneficial to see them out and about at all times of the day and night - not just after dark.

“In an ideal world I suppose they would be everywhere 24/7 but that just isn’t possible. They do the best they can.”

She continued: “It is a balance though and it works both ways, we also have to do our bit to protect our own shops just like you would your own home.”

Mrs Lawrie did add that she felt CCTV presence at Manor Street with two cameras to face both sides of the street would be beneficial.

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