Frustration at vandalism at play parks in Forfar and Kirrie

Councillor Jeanette Gaul
Councillor Jeanette Gaul

Recently modernised play parks in Forfar and a popular play park in Kirriemuir have suffered at the hands of vandals in recent days.

Councillor Jeanette Gaul, vice-convener of communities, has warned that the damage was “spoiling the fun for children using the park and it was malicious behaviour that the public purse could ill-afford”.

Lordburn and Langlands parks have recently been refurbished for youngsters to enjoy, but a multi-functional play unit was targeted at Lordburn, with smaller items taken from the apparatus even though they were fixed by chains. Panels of the unit have also been scored.

New swings were also damaged at Langlands, but have subsequently been repaired, and at Kirriemuir’s Davidson Park a hedgehog springer was put out of use by vandals.

Cllr Gaul said: “All our parks are there for children to enjoy, but repeated vandalism ruins their fun.

“It is clear in each of these instances that the damage wasn’t down to simple wear and tear – it was deliberate destruction of property.

“It goes beyond spoiling other people’s fun.

“Vandalism can affect the safety of play equipment and put it out of action – in most cases temporarily, but we are faced with removing items permanently if this mindless vandalism poses a safety risk.

“Unnecessary repair also comes at considerable expense and as such it affects us all.

“I’d ask people not to tolerate such behaviour and report any incidents of vandalism they witness to the police.”