Fort Calgary Youth Band to Play in Forfar

The Olde 78th Fraser Highlanders Youth Squad band from Fort Calgary in Canada will play in Forfar on Monday, March 28 , as part of their tour of Scotland.

The band has a firm connection to Forfar because of their links with the town’s Strathmore Woollens. In 2006, at the request of Jim Osborne of the Scottish Shoppe in Calgary, who is also the Honorary Lt. Col of the 78th Fraser Highlanders, Strathmore Woollens successfully matched fabric to the band’s existing kilt cloth and produced designs for both adult and junior band members.

The pipe band, whose members range in age from 12 to 18, will play at The Cross in Forfar from 12 noon on Monday, after which they have been invited to lunch by Angus Provost Ruth Leslie Melville.

The Provost said: “I am delighted to welcome the Olde 78th Fraser Highlanders Youth Squad from Fort Calgary in Canada to Angus. They are assured of a very warm welcome from us all as they perform beside the Chambers on Castle Street in Forfar. They will be joining me for stovies and oatcakes when they finish their programme.”

The original 78th (Fraser’s Highlanders) regiment formed part of a Highland Foot Battalion created in 1757 as part of measures to deal with the colonial conflict between Britain and France in North America. The regiment was disbanded in 1763, when peace came between Britain and France with the signing of the Treaty of Paris. The regiment was re-raised as an historical commemorative society in 1964, to take part in Expo 67 and the Fort Calgary Garrison was established in 1977. A major focus of the garrison has been the establishment and support of a youth pipe and drum squad.