Forfar woman dances her way into hearts of local animal sanctuary

A local resident continues to dance her way into the hearts of the staff and horses at Mountains Animal Sanctuary after holding her eighth Scottish and Country & Western dance night at The Plough, Forfar.

All proceeds of the night went to Mountains Animal Sanctuary, that came to £935. Margaret Smith’s twice yearly dance nights have now raised over £8,000 in four years for the cash strapped horse rescue centre.

As the winter months rapidly approach us the much needed funds will help the sanctuary feed many hungry mouths especially those who cannot eat the hay due to dietary or teeth problems.

Much of this hay has been grown at the centre or donated by a supporter outside St Madoes, Perth.

It is an especially expensive time of year to look after horses, ponies and donkeys and the hope is that the forthcoming cold winter months are not as long as they were last time round.

“Margaret Smith is a long time supporter of Mountains Animal Sanctuary and helps where ever she can even if it is running a bric-a-brac stall at a car boot sale on a Sunday morning,” explains Dave Udale, Mountains Animal Sanctuary administrator.

“We are extremely grateful to Margaret for her sterling efforts for the benefit of the equines in our care.

“The charity then benefits as she in turn raises the awareness of the work we do and attracts other incoming funds.

“The dances that she organises have many regulars there who in turn dig deep into their pockets on the night. I know that Margaret genuinely enjoys the voluntary work that she does for us and expects nothing back in return.

“We cannot thank her enough but we’re so grateful that she works so tirelessly for us in her own special way.”