Forfar via Delaware for card

THERE was a surprise in the post for Forfar couple Jim and Isobel Farquharson recently when an unidentified envelope popped through their letterbox.

Enclosed was a Christmas card clearly addressed to them, complete with second class stamp, which had been forwarded on by a Bill Innes of Wilmington, Delaware.

The card, posted in Forfar but not franked, had somehow travelled across the Atlantic to the States, only to be returned to its rightful owner. Included was a friendly note from Bill stating “Greetings! I have no idea how this turned up in my mailbox here in the States. This is one for the “Believe it or Not” books!”.

The random journey for the card also left Jim and Isobel baffled - but they have written back to Bill thanking him for taking the trouble to return their mail!