Forfar Rotary Club thanks Tesco for donations

Scott James of Tesco with President Tim Hale
Scott James of Tesco with President Tim Hale

THE FORFAR Rotary Club president Tim Hale, accompanied by some Rotarians, made a visit to the local Tesco store in Forfar on Friday.

This was a case of ‘you help us and we will help you.’

Scott James was on hand to receive two certificates, one in appreciation for the donation of sweets and oranges that Tesco provided to hand out to the children when Santa came to the Cross at Christmas time, which proved very successful, and a second certificate was for allowing the Rotary Wishing-well to be placed inside the store over the festive period to receive donations.

Once again tribute was paid to the Forfar public who parted with a total of £168 in donations. Using Tesco’s own slogan the pesident said: “Every little helps.”

On the other side of the coin Tesco asked if the Rotary Club could help with someone who could perform the address to the haggis at their store on Saturday, January 27.

Fortunately for Tesco this proved to be no problem, as Rotarian Dave Arnot is well versed in his rendition of The Bard’s famous words.

With aplomb he performed with great gusto, wielding a knife possibly last seen being used by Paul Hogan in ‘Crocodile Dundee’.

Customers and staff were greatly entertained and Dave was warmly applauded as he drank the customary somewhat large dram.

In conclusion, the Rotary President agreed it was a case of Tesco helps the Rotary and the Rotary helps Tesco.