Forfar Rotary are the big benefactors

Aubrey Wood Lady Fiona Fraser and President Tim Hale with Rotarians
Aubrey Wood Lady Fiona Fraser and President Tim Hale with Rotarians

Forfar Rotary Club president Tim Hale welcomed to the club Lady Fraser and Aubrey Wood to receive a cheque for £7,000 to the Jacqui Wood Cancer Centre.

The money was raised from Marafun 2012 and the club wished to continue its support to Cancer Research and its association with the late Dr Jacqui Wood.

This is a fitting accolade to Dr Wood, who worked tirelessly in spearheading the Ninewells Cancer Campaign and in so doing helping Dundee gain its reputation as a world renowned centre for cancer research and treatment thereby improving the lives of cancer patients immensely.

President Tim also thanked the people and businesses of Forfar in their support for Forfar Rotary with a special word of praise to Guild Homes for their continued financial support in being the main sponsors since Marafun began. Added to this is a big thank you to all the teams who entered and who gave their support to the cause also raising funds for their own clubs.

Chairman Lady addressed the club and paid tribute to the work of Forfar Rotary commenting on this latest cheque for £7,000 bringing the amount raised since Marafun began in 2002 to a remarkable £147,000.

This marks Forfar Rotary Club as being the largest single contributor to the Cancer Centre other than by corporate business donations. Vice Chairman Aubrey husband of the late Jacqui Wood echoed these sentiments.