Forfar Rotarians wishing latest fund-raiser goes well!

READERS may have spotted this wooden wishing well which is currently placed at the entrance to the Tesco Forfar store.

The fund-raising well is the brainchild of Forfar Rotary Club. Initially, the idea was taken up by the club’s international committee – the idea to build a stone and wooden wishingwell to be accommodated on a site on the outskirts of town, close to the McDonald’s Restaurant on the Glamis road.

But costs proved to be prohibitive and, although permission was sought and granted by McDonald’s, the idea was shelved. The idea was then resurrected, with thoughts of a wooden wishing well mooted.

On a trip north, Rotarian Ian Findlay visited the Speyside Cooperage outside Dufftown and saw a smaller version of the wishing well.

Enquiries were made to find out if a lager version could be made available, and when it was found costs were affordable, the wishing well (as pictured) was duly ordered.

Mr Findlay was accompanied on the journey back to Dufftown to pick up the well, the transport and costs donated by Strathmore Foods.

After a modification to make the collection of money secure the wishing well has now been placed at the entrance inside Tesco Forfar store.

At the moment it is likely that all the money collected will go to the many and varied cuases of international humanitarian aid.

“It will, we’re sure, be a success,” commented Mr Findlay. “We will monitor the collections and whether it will be moved around to different locations but, in the meantime, it will remain at the Tesco Forfar branch.”

Pictured right: The wooden wishing well which is now being utilised as a Rotary International fund-raiser at the Tesco Forfar branch.