Forfar pupils find fun, frolics and fear The Fringe

The Forfar Academy group is pictured during its Edinburgh trip.
The Forfar Academy group is pictured during its Edinburgh trip.

The Forfar Academy Edinburgh Fringe Trip is by no means the biggest school trip out there but it still measures up in terms of enjoyment, writes Ciaran WarkThe annual trip takes pupils to Edinburgh for the day to experience the vibrancy and excitement of the Fringe Festival. Many of us had no idea what to expect, so the trip certainly showcased itself as an experience worth revisiting in the future.

It was an early start but excitement could not be contained. Sticking with the trip’s tradition, our first show was ‘Shakespeare for Breakfast’, a slick reimagining of some of Shakespeare’s greatest works filled with hilarious references, rap battles and free croissants and coffee to top it all off.

We unintentionally found ourselves exploring the entire festival en route to our next show, ‘Sunshine on Leith’, as we went to the wrong venue! We swiftly marched as a group to the right venue and made it in time for ‘It Could be Tomorrow’. The feel-good performance had our toes tapping and fighting the urge not to jump on stage and sing along.

Despite the wet and cold weather things soon heated up during ‘Bromance’, three men blessed with good looks and amazing dance skills. The performance had the audience gasping as the ‘bros’ threw, flipped and spun themselves into ridiculous shapes that the human body should not be able to achieve!

Our spirits were hardly dampened by the weather, especially since it was time to visit ‘The Colour Ham’, combining toe-curling comedy with intriguing illusions and magic tricks.

There were séances, jack-in-the-boxes and an appearance from the Gaelic legend, ‘Dotaman’. The show left us wondering, how did they do that?

To say we were anxious for the next “attraction” is an understatement. The ‘City of the Dead’ Ghost Tour had us turning pale at the graphic stories of torture, murder and, of course, ghosts.

We were guided into the Covenanters’ section, usually locked and forbidden, of the eerie Greyfriar’s Kirk. In this graveyard supposedly ‘lives’ the most active poltergeist in Europe. It was a terrifying but refreshing way to end the day.

It was a day of surprises, giggles and excitement that I would recommend to anyone. A huge thank you to Mr Martin and Ms Spence.