Forfar parking woes

FORFAR residents have objected to Angus Council plans to enforce new road restrictions and layout in the St James Road area.

Due to the redevelopment of the area and the new Asda supermarket new traffic signals and pedestrian crossings have been introduced. A consequence of this is that there will be no kerbside parking on approach to these new signals.

Two residents have complained on the basis that they now have no off street car parking and that an already difficult parking situation has been made worse.

Eric Lowson, director of infrastructure services, said: “One objector suggested that the council could permit residents to park in the nearby car park for the council offices at Ravenswood in New Road and both objectors raised the possibility of being permitted to park in the new retail store car park. The granting of permission for local residents to park in the car park for the council offices at Ravenswood is primarily a matter for the directors of corporate services and neighbourhood services to consider.

“They have indicated that they would be very reluctant to give permission as it would set a precedent that could potentially have an adverse effect on council properties across the whole of Angus.

“Angus Council is clearly not in a position to grant local residents the use of the private car park at the new retail store.

“Asda were contacted via their local agents but their response was that they were reluctant to give a firm decision at this stage but provided a contact within the organisation whom residents could approach to discuss the matter further.