Forfar “has a lot to offer”

WITH winter under way and things seeming a bit ‘doom and gloom’ we asked you what you think some of the best things about living in Forfar are.

We were inundated with replies, some positive about the town and others less so. Here is what you had to say.

Leeanne Ramsay said: “Forfar has good and bad points like many other towns but overall it is not that bad, it obviously isn’t if we are all still living here and the caravan park always seems to be full in summer so folk must enjoy holidays here too.

“We could do worse but maybe more for families to do would be good and better shops.”

Marley Laurie said: “I actually think that there’s loads to do in Forfar, there’s a dance studio, the council put on loads of classes, there’s loads of groups like the musical society, the dramatic society, the writers group etc.”

Karen Watson Campbell said: “The leisure facilities. My family receive excellent value for money with our ‘b active account’ and I find facilities and classes brilliant. Schools are good too, my kids attend Langlands Primary and Academy.

“In comparison to what families in other areas have, I think Forfar has a lot to offer kids from football to dancing. I’m speaking as an “incomer” who has lived here for nine years.”

Cath Peebles added: “I’ve lived here for 13 years and Forfar has been good to me and my two lads, I can truly think of a lot worse places to live. Some people just don’t look at the bigger picture, it’s a typical small town with all usual problems that go with it but it’s also a nice place too.”

Kitty Tait said: “It’s fairly central for Aberdeen and Dundee for people who like to visit the big cities but don’t want to live in them.

“Forfar is nice and quiet and has a good variety of shops with more opening all the time. Forfar also has many lovely friendly people, as a disabled person I must say that any time I go out there is no shortage of people willing to lend a helping hand.

“The disabled facilities are improving all the time also with access to more shops and restaurants.”

Some who have moved away from Forfar took the opportunity to reminisce about the town at a time they still stayed here. Robert Cameron said: “As an ex loon, left Forfar in the mid 70’s when I was but just a bairn, I remember the lum reek in the winter, picking berries, collecting birds eggs out of the bushes in the Reid Park, riding my bike around the steel park, eating grandad’s bridie crust, ice cream, the pictures, Forfar Infirmary for stitches in my top lip, making slides on the pavements when it was icy, rolling hard boiled eggs down the grass at the Loch, Fine Fare Supermarket and Woolies, the brick wall toilet at Station Park...the list could go on but these are some of the memories I have of a town which will always hold a special place in my heart.”

Garry William Porter said: “What I miss about Forfar is being around folk that I have known for the greater part of my life and share memories of my youth.

“It has no unique problems and in all reality Forfar is a safe place in which to grow. It has enough for people to stay their whole life or prepare them enough to leave. It can’t be that bad, although many have left, many also have returned. The two things I look forward to is the water and the view from Balmashanner.”